Disposable Multifocal Lens

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Product Description

Material:  Methafilcon A
Water Content:  55%
Handling Tint:  Light blue
Diameter:  14.20 mm
Base Curve:  8.70 mm
Center Thickness:  0.14 mm @ -3.00DS
Edge Thickness:  0.08 mm
Back Optical Zone Diameter:  10.00 mm
Oxygen Transmissibility:  (DK/L) 18.0 x 10-11 @ 35°
Sphere Power:  Plano to -5.00 in 0.25DS steps
-5.50 to -7.00 in 0.50DS step
+0.25 to +5.00 in 0.25DS steps
+5.50 to +6.00 in 0.5DS steps
Addition One Unique Addition:  +1.25DS to +2.25DS
Packaging:  6 Blisters per box


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