Alaion Delon

Alain Delon
Alain Delon is a personality of French Cinema, Idol, a model of elegance and charm in the world.
Alain Delon Collection brand in the world of fashion is dressing the modern man. The offer of the brand Alain Delon is a range of menswear, which is consistent with the elegant and practical fashion.
Since the creation, the brand Alain Delon offers a variety of products including wrist watches, clothing, eyewear ect.
Delon’s sunglasses brand became particularly popular in Hong Kong after actor “Chow Yun-fat “wore them in the 1986 crime film “A Better Tomorrow”
(As well as two sequels) The film’s director John Woo has acknowledged Delon as one of his Idols.
Alain Delon is the heights quality of European Brands in the production of Alain Delon products, focus is on every detail From perfect cut to perfect comfort Items from the collection of Alain Delon create an unforgettable experience of pure luxury.